Gangs Take on "War" in Rap Jam for Peace Event

Who would have thought their "wish to be heard," will be granted in a snap?

After showing sincerity in "turning a new leaf, "voluntarily submitting themselves to a bigger group that wishes peace among their peers and greater community involvement, some local youth will get more than a microphone and a beat-box this month.

Walter Wong, Abanao Square Mall marketing manager last week confirmed that the "Rap Jam for Peace" concert which the Brotherhood for Peace themselves organized shall be pushing through along Abanao Street on Oct. 11 from 5pm to the wee hours of the morning.


Local gangs Asul de Pamilya, Crazy Asiatic Pinoy True Crips, Rappers Delta Foundation, Reckless Asiatik Gangstah, One Mic Productionz, Sandatahang Kritikal, Lam-ang Warriors, Radicalsz, Katuta Krew, Samahang Ilokano, Baguio’s Pride, and Booyah Bity High have bonded to form Brotherhood of Peace.

Wong said, "Baguio City Police Office director Wilfredo Franco, Police Precinct 7 chief C/Insp. Engelbert Soriano, and city administrator Peter Fianza hatched the idea that the youngsters wanted to stage a concert as an avenue for them to express themselves."

"We thought it was a good idea having them indulge in something creative," he said, adding, "thus, we jumped at the opportunity to give them exactly what they wished for as a part of our social responsibility…a chance to be heard."

Wong also said, "We hope that other non-government organizations would see the benefits of this undertaking the way we did…Our doors are open for support for our youngsters. After all, everybody would admit that we are better off listening to the music of erstwhile gang-bangsters as they make peace through the rap genre, rather than have them wage war in the streets."

Sharing credit in making the project a reality is San Miguel Brewery. Meanwhile, the city government through the office of the mayor guaranteed full administrative support to the endeavor.

Lloyd Villegas of One Mic Productionz said, "Now we realize that local cops and some local officials are indeed like big brothers to us."

Last Oct.1, members of the Brotherhood for Peace took advantage of Muslim holiday Eid’l Fitr to go around the central business district to repaint graffiti.

Jason Balag-ey of Hukbong Lirikkkal said, "The Brotherhood shall be inking a pact on Oct. 11."

"Realizing that indeed, there is a lot more that can be done, our member-groups have decided to come up with a memorandum of understanding to formalize lasting truce and to map out endeavors that we can undergo as a means of bolstering our unity, " he added.

Earlier Fianza said, "The fact that our kids have been able to sit down and talk things out is already a rich source of lessons for the older generation where we belong."

"All it takes for us to have peace in the neighborhood is to allow them speech and listen to them even in their silence," he added.


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